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Big news at Project Most Wanted!

Date: 01/12/17

Automatic Voting & Donation are now fully working! What are you waiting for? If we vote each and every day, we will grow as one of the biggest Servers Human Mankind has ever known!


Project Most Wanted
Something awesome happened.

Date: 01/12/17

Hello people and welcome on this Page!

My in-game name is Eliyahu and i want to Introduce to you, Project Most Wanted.
This Project is new, under construction and ready for the World to be explored.

This Server needs Dedicated Staff members, Knowledge in Coding and Maintaining a Server.
Active Members will help us get strong and known all over the World.

Feel free to check it out and become part of a new Community.

Project Most Wanted
Project Most Wanted has officially released!

Date: 01/12/17

We finally have made the finishin touches on the VPS and are ready to launch Project Most Wanted 24/7! You can't wait to play? Then Download our Client on the Top of the Site and we are happy to see you in-game!


Project Most Wanted

Server Status 317 Revision

World: 1 [ECO] Online

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PMW In-game Personnel

Rank Username On Discord Y/N  
Owner Eliyahu Yes Profile
Co - Owner Focus Yes Profile
Administrator Recruiting - Profile
Moderator Brian Yes Profile
Moderator Jay Yes Profile